Sunday, 13 May 2012

A Retirement Note

The first ever Valley Press book cover.
Don't worry, it's not me retiring - that would be a short career!  (Though it is a tempting thought.)  This post is just to announce that as of this week, VP0001, The Waiting Game, is officially 'out of print' and no longer available anywhere.

Viewers with a strong historical memory will recall The Waiting Game was written by myself when I was 19, so to some extent it was the perfect text to experiment on, as far as publishing goes.  The retiring edition is (to put it mildly) not quite as professional a job as the current VP titles, so when Amazon sold their last copy this week, I decided not to print any more - thus, the book is now out of print.

However, I have kept two copies of this edition - one for the 'archive', and one extra one which I will be attempting to sell for an extraordinary price from this point onwards.  If anyone would like to get in with an offer early, you know where the contact page is - don't be shy!  And I may well do another edition at some point... we'll see.

In print for 3 years, 221 days, TWG holds the record for 'VP book in print for the longest time'.  This will be broken on May 10th 2013 by Nigel Gerrans' Tenebrae, assuming I keep printing that one!  (If you're wondering about VP0002, that's been unavailable for a while... I was just too busy to tell you... same deal with the 'spare copy for extraordinary price' there.)  I like to keep an eye on these records - keeps me occupied!  As ever, lots of exciting new books in the pipeline; keep your eyes on the site and subscribed to the newsletter for all the details.